File Dump: Charles Johnson’s Thousands of (mostly hidden) LGF Comments

The Boiler Room leaked it for a brief time, but it was taken down because of some tactical reasons, and because there was concern over the file itself, but we’re ready to release these for good now:

charles comments xlsx

This is every Johnson comment in LGF history, save a few which are [deleted], made on the separate user pages, “sekrit threads”, or a thread that has been memory-holed. (Excel seemed to be the easiest file type to work and search with, considering the volume)

The data is presented in raw html, so anything can be easily copied/pasted into our comments section here (or anywhere). In addition, the file features some identifying markers for each comment:

As of this writing, all LGF comments made prior to Nov. 1 2008 are still being hidden from unregistered visitors, but for newer ones the absolute comment # will allow you to go directly to the comment url for a screencap. In this example:

Takes you to this:

Or, the thread can be accessed by adding the thread # into the url:

Once there, you can use the thread comment # to scroll down if you need some context.

Again, comments timestamped prior to Nov 1 2008 (specifically, LGF thread #31779) are not visible on the web unless you are registered and logged in. If you are and decide to go, we’re going to speculate that viewing those old comment urls constitutes something of a red flag on CJ’s dashboard (it’s not hard to imagine a siren sound, and cheetos flying in the air), and you should probably be warned. But at least using this file means that you don’t have to use the LGF search function (which we know triggers flags), and can grab the screencap using the method above.

Needless to say, there is some interesting stuff to be sure. For example, I’ve already used it to update our hilarious “Get off my website!” page to note that Johnson has used this exact phrase an amazing 76 times*. And as you can see, I hit ctrl+F for “LGF Dictionary” to pull up the aforementioned reference to this distant memory and (now) dead link to his own site (it’s a favorite topic of mine).  Oh, and the past stuff he’s said about folks who are now pals.  Anyone can have a blast with this.

So there you have it. A few weeks ago, CJ mentioned that (Breitbart) is “welcome to look through our old comments” (somehow forgetting that he’d hidden them?). Now, thanks to the engineers in The Boiler Room, anyone and everyone can at least search teh Johnson’s.  With impunity. Undetected.


*Bonus exercise: Try to say “Get off my website” 76 times in a row, while visualizing a cheeto-encrusted mouse button clicking each time. You’ll ROTFLYAO before you get there. Can’t be done.